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Supporting Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Initiating the Psychological Health and Safety Conversation

AMHSA is pleased to introduce SPARK, an innovative new program to support the psychological health and safety initiatives of municipal government members.

We are proud to offer new and expanded products and services that better reflect the changing operational needs of members in supporting psychologically safe workplaces. The program was developed with our strategic partner, Ember Experience, and takes over from the former Impact program.

Why the Change?

  • The new SPARK program incorporates member feedback from 2020-2022 participants in the AMHSA Psychological Health Impact Group
  • Workforce and operational needs have changed during the pandemic and transition to an endemic model
  • Diversity of municipal members requires a greater range of scalable products and services to “meet members where they are” in supporting psychologically safe workplaces, including budget, program maturity, organizational culture, and so on.

Who is SPARK for?

SPARK is designed for HR and OHS practitioners, as well as leaders. The program invites participants to:

  • Be part of a community of learning and sharing of best practices
  • Better understand cultural priorities and strategies
  • Bridge silos; align and refine departmental priorities and strategies
  • Provide leader-focused and individual-focused insights towards creating a collaboratively curious culture
  • Gain access to resources and practices for challenges that municipalities are facing

Scalable Support to Meet Organizational Needs

SPARK offers four different options for program participation, with varying levels of professional guidance and strategic support provided within each. Choose from a menu of options to suit your organization’s needs and budget.

Option 1: CONNECT

Connect is for people leaders who are seeking more connections with professional peers from other municipalities. This will help build a strong network of learning and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices.


This version of the SPARK program is for municipalities that are seeking more connection with professionals from other municipalities. This will help build a strong network of learning and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, share tools, create strategic alignment and build awareness.


In addition to being a part of a strong network of learning and knowledge exchange with professionals from other municipalities, this version of the program is for those who want to focus on training and development for their leaders and individuals.


This version of the SPARK program is for municipalities that want to take a holistic and integrated approach to building a psychologically safe workplace. This level provides municipalities with the opportunity to assess their current culture and environment using the Listening Tour. Additionally, there is access to a strong learning community, including training and development for leaders and individuals.


SPARK a la carte services can either be add-ons to the four options or stand-alone services that align to your workforce’s current needs. These services can help:

  • Foster leadership buy-in
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce’s culture
  • Provide training and development to your staff
  • Support leadership development

Experience SPARK First Hand

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For More Information about the program

For more information about SPARK, download the program details below.

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